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You may be wondering ‘Hmm based on your body of work it looks like you do a lot of different things, but what do you really want to do?”

Great question.

I’m currently a senior at the University of Missouri-Columbia studying (and actively doing) investigative convergence journalism. That sounds fancy, right? Let me break it down.

I’ve had my fair share of exploring what the world of journalism has to offer, from shooting endless men’s basketball games to telling community stories with audio to capturing controversial federal issues with local videos.

However, I’ve found what really lights the fire in my stomach are investigative stories that connect social injustice struggles with the world of politics, business and beyond. My heart is at its happiest when my hands are full of documents, my head is full of data and my time is dedicated to devouring them.

In the mean time, those non-writing jobs I mentioned helped me develop the skills I need to tell these longer data-driven stories in a multimedia fashion (video, audio, photography).

My latest two-part investigation explains how the University of Missouri’s Title IX appeals process can completely unravel its own initial rulings and punishments. The pieces tell the stories of three survivors that came out of the process far worse off than when they began.

Stay tuned for what’s next!


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